Desert Landscaping

xeriscape1Xeriscaping is water-wise landscaping that stresses proper soil preparation, efficient irrigation and the use of water stingy plants. For homeowners, it means less maintenance, lower water bills, and a colorful decorative look. Landscaping with plants that use less water has become a popular way for people to cut outdoor water use by as much as 50%. Contact your local nursery or landscaper for more information.

Xeriscaping combines the practicality of water conservation with the creative beauty of traditional landscaping. Xeriscape groups plants into separate areas of the landscape according to their various water needs. The result is a significant reduction in the amount of water needed for plants to thrive. Substantially reducing the amount of water used to support a landscape design does not mean diminishing its beauty. Homeowners around the country are discovering that landscaping conservation is not just rocks and cactus! Xeriscaping allows the creation of any style or image desired: from formal backyard gardens replete with fountains and clipped hedges to lush, domestic wildernesses using native flowers, shrubs, and grasses. Xeriscape does not dictate style, you do!

Conserving our precious natural resources is a shared responsibility. The economic use of water is a good way to grow a healthy garden while saving money and time. A water-saving landscape not only enhances the beauty of your property, it also increases the selling potential and value of your home.

DWA Before and After Photos

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Recently, Desert Water Agency took a large step toward leading by example. The agency broke ground in July 2007 on the re-landscaping of our Operation Center.

xeriscape2The $412,000 project involved removing the traditional, water-consuming landscaping to replace it with desert native plants.

Traditional outdoor landscaping accounts for up to 70 percent of all residential water use. By converting to desert landscaping, DWA has been able to save more than 50 percent of the water needed to irrigate our Operations Center.

The garden is also used for education. DWA invites members of the public to walk the sidewalk that meanders through the garden to learn more about what could work for them in their yards. All of the plants are identified by signage.

Irrigation for the garden features drip and subsurface irrigation and uses recycled water from our Reclamation Plant. The water feature also uses recycled water.

Near the building’s entryway is an area of artificial turf lawn. By mixing real and artificial turf on the property, DWA is able to show customers how grass can be used even in desert landscaping.

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