Water Recycling

Desert Water Agency began its recycled water program with the opening of the reclamation plant in 1988. Through that plant, the agency is able to take wastewater and treat it to service other needs.

Through our recycling program, we provide irrigation water to golf courses, parks, medians and Palm Springs High School. The use of recycled water in landscaping saves millions of gallons of potable drinking water.

Water recycling also saves energy—only using a quarter of the energy required to pump groundwater from deep wells.

Recycled water use protects our water supply since its use reduces the amount of nitrates which could reach our groundwater.

Wastewater first goes to the City of Palm Springs’ wastewater treatment plant where it is initially treated before DWA gets it at our recycling facility. We treat the water again before it is ready for irrigation use.

The program is not only a huge conservation benefit but also a big energy saver and water quality benefit.

Download Conservation Demonstration Map