Water Facts

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the average water bill?
Landscaping and water use habits vary too much to arrive at an average.

Should I buy bottled water?
Since our water exceeds State and Federal quality standards, it isn't necessary to purchase bottled water.

Why is the water sometimes milky?
Air inside pressurized water causes the milky appearance. Turning on the faucet releases the pressure, causing the air bubbles to appear. The water clears within minutes.

Is fluoride added to the water?
No. The water is fluoridated naturally. Check with your dentist to see if you need to supplement fluoride.

Should my water pressure be regulated?
Yes. Pressure in the water system varies from 40 to 125 pounds per square inch. Unregulated water pressure can cause serious damage to plumbing along with peripheral structural damage. The uniform plumbing code requires a resident or business to install a regulator if pressure is 80 pounds per square inch or more. It is the responsibility of the customer to install and maintain required regulators.

How do you charge for water use?
Desert Water Agency charges a constant reasonable rate for every 100 cubic feet of domestic water and for every 100 cubic feet of recycled water. The office can supply current rates.

How much does it cost to fill a pool?
It probably costs less than you would think. While pool sizes vary, most pools can be refilled at a cost of $20 to $50. If you have an unusually large pool, our office staff can give you additional information.

Who is responsible for fixing leaks?
If the leak is located on a line between the meter and the building, it is the customer's responsibility. If the leak is located on the public side of the meter, it is DWA’s responsibility. For assistance, please contact us.

Where is my shutoff valve located?
Tampering inside Desert Water's meter box can cause damage. If your home was built before 1958 or if you are unsure about where your valve is located, call Desert Water Agency when you need your water turned off. There is a safe way to turn water off in structures built after 1958. Find a small round concrete box located on the property side of the water meter. Remove the lid and turn the handle clockwise until it closes.

Is my meter accurate?
Yes. Desert Water Agency tests every meter for accuracy before installation. It also replaces older meters on an ongoing basis.