State Water Project

Desert Water Agency is one of 29 State Water Project Contractors. The State Water Project is the reason Southern California has water as it is the system that moves water around the state using:

32 water storage facilities
More than 700 miles of aqueducts
More than 20 pumping plants
Several hydraulic plants

The Project has the capacity to deliver about 4.2 million acre feet (1.4 billion gallons) of water per year.

DWA in partnership with Coachella Valley Water District, make up the third largest contractor in the state. The two agencies use water from the State Water Project to replenish the groundwater we pump from the basins.

However, because there is no direct pipeline from the State Water Project to the Coachella Valley, we exchange our water for Colorado River Water as the Colorado River Aqueduct runs through the Coachella Valley.

The DWA General Fund pays all of the State Water Product charges and capital costs. The General Fund also pays for all local replenishment activities on behalf of DWA. The 2010-2011 General Fund Budget is $29,200,300. 


Photos by Department of Water Resources.