Residential - Start Service


Property owners may sign up for water service after completing a service application. The owner may apply in person at the Desert Water Agency office or by telephone.

It is required that water and sewer service, in ALL cases, be kept in the property owner’s name.

Customers who apply by phone will receive a 10 day grace period for water service which goes into effect within 24 hours of the sign up date. A service application and an affidavit of ownership is mailed to the customer to sign and return within the 10 day grace period. If we do not receive your completed application within 10 days, your water service may be terminated and additional fees will be required to restore service.

If your request requires immediate attention please call (760) 323-4971 to initiate water service. It may take up to 2 business days to process internet requests for service. Our business hours are 8am-5pm/Mon.-Fri.

REALTORS are NOT allowed to sign up for service via the internet. Please contact the office by phone.

To request new service, please complete and save this form then email it or mail it to Desert Water Agency, PO Box 1710 Palm Springs, CA 92263. Submission of this form will begin the process of starting new service upon receipt of such request. You will be contacted by a DWA Representative within two business days.

Please, DO NOT use the internet service if you have received a BLUE TAG at your property from DWA. In this case you have been given notice that the service is going to be terminated if you do not contact the DWA by phone within the allotted time noted on the blue tag.

To ensure you are within the DWA service area, please consult our Boundary Maps