Residential - Current Rates

Consumption Charge
The amount of water used each month will be billed at an established rate per 100 cubic feet (100 cubic feet = 748 gallons of water).

Water/Sewer Service Charges
Water Service Charges are based on the size of a customer's water meter. Sewer Service Charges are based on a flat rate. Additional charges based on water consumption may also be included depending upon type of use. Both of these charges are applied to open accounts whether water is used or not.

Backflow Charges
A monthly charge, based on the size of each device, for testing and any necessary minor repairs.

(Effective July 1, 2014)

Quantitative Charges
The charge for water used (other than recycled water) shall be $1.57 per 100 cubic feet and shall be added to the below service charges.

Monthly Service Charge

5/8 X 3/4 Inch$10.75
1 Inch$13.25
1 1/2 Inch$19.75
2 Inch$27.75
3 Inch$34.00
4 Inch$73.00
6 Inch$185.50
8 Inch$330.75

Rates are subject to change.

Zone Pumping Charges
A zone pumping charge is added to the Quantitative Charge for service furnished at the higher elevations which are listed below:

ZONE AREAAdditional Charge Per 100 Cubic Feet
AJanis-Tuscany, Terrace, Andreas Hills, Valley Vista and Palm Oasis$0.13
BLower Southridge, Vista Miller$0.19
CUpper Southridge$0.46

Rates are subject to change.

Service Connections
(a) Service 2-inch or less:

1 Inch$1,625.00
2 Inch$2,770.00

If concrete and/or asphalt pavement removal and replacement is required, a charge of $600 for concrete and $1100 for asphalt pavement will be added to the above.

(b) Service larger than 2-inch and Service with by-pass:
The charge will be at cost plus 15% for general administrative overhead.

Meter Installation

5/8 X 3/4 Inch Meter$255.00
1 Inch Meter$335.00
1 1/2 Inch Meter$480.00
2 Inch Meter$620.00

Supplemental Imported Water Capacity Charge:
Necessary to aquire rights for imported water.

5/8 x 3/4 Inch Meter$1,370.00
1 Inch Meter$2,250.00
1 1/2 Inch Meter$4,440.00
2 Inch Meter$10,960.00
3 Inch Meter$72,070.00

Backup Facility Charge:
This charge is used to help provide source of supply and storage for all regular service connections. These amounts are determined by the size and location of the meter as follows:


5/8 X 3/4 Inch Meter$2,400.00
1 Inch Meter$4,700.00
1 1/2 Inch Meter$10,360.00
2 Inch Meter or Larger$21,460.00


5/8 X 3/4 Inch Meter$5,400.00
1 Inch Meter$11,000.00
1 1/2 Inch Meter$21,280.00
2 Inch Meter or Larger$44,080.00


5/8 X 3/4 Inch Meter$6,200.00
1 Inch Meter$12,500.00
1 1/2 Inch Meter$25,200.00
2 Inch Meter or Larger$52,200.00


5/8 X 3/4 Inch Meter$17,400.00
1 Inch Meter$34,900.00
1 1/2 Inch Meter$53,200.00
2 Inch Meter or Larger$110,200.00

Customer Control Valve:

1 Inch$275.00
1 1/2 Inch$245.00
2 Inch$260.00

Rates are subject to change.

Discontinuance of Service for Non-Payment of Bill
If water service is discontinued for non-payment of bills, all outstanding charges must be paid in full (in addition to a $60 reconnection fee and a deposit to re-establish credit) before service will be restored. If turned on after normal working hours, the reconnection charge will be $90.00.

Deposit to Establish Credit
The minimum deposit amount to establish credit will be 2 times the average monthly bill. If this cannot be determined, the minimum deposit shall be charged as follows:

5/8 X 3/4 Inch Meter$50.00
1 Inch Meter$100.00
1 1/2 Inch Meter$150.00
2 Inch Meter or Larger$200.00

Rates are subject to change.

If the owner of a property is required to pay a deposit, the deposit will be applied to the water bill after 24 consecutive months of service where no discontinuance of service due to non-payment of bills has occurred.

The new owner of a non-residential property will be required to pay a deposit unless credit can be established according to Desert Water Agency guidelines.

It is required that water and sewer service, in all cases, be kept in the PROPERTY OWNER'S NAME.
Rates and regulations most commonly requested are condensed and summarized for the convenience of our customers. All rates, rules, regulations and practices are subject to change at any time. Please contact our office for current information.