Local Supply Facts

About 95 percent of DWA water is pumped from deep wells located throughout the service area. The other 5 percent is mountain stream water from Snow Creek, Falls Creek and Chino Creek.

DWA pumps using 29 active wells into the water system with six pressure zones—which includes about 22,000 active services throughout 369 miles of pipeline and serves about 71,000 people. The agency utilizes 28 reservoirs with the capacity to store 59 million gallons.

Annual production for DWA is about 43,000 acre feet (more than 14 billion gallons) annually.

The agency replenishes the groundwater with water from the State Water Project. Because there is no direct pipeline from the SWP to Palm Springs, the agency exchanges water with Metropolitan Water District. Replenishment water comes from the Colorado River Aqueduct. DWA uses the water from two connections to fill recharge basins, located at Whitewater and Mission Creek.

From 1973 to 2008, DWA and CVWD have replenished the groundwater basins with more than 2.1 million acre feet of water at Whitewater River and Mission Creek subbasins.

The agency also gets water from mountain streams including Chino Creek, Snow Creek and Falls Creek.

DWA gets about 3 million gallons a day from stream supply and about 78 million gallons per day in well capacity.

DWA works hard to ensure the purity of this water by carefully monitoring and controlling the quality of water that we supply to our customers.

Well-trained DWA employees provide information, service hook ups and emergency assistance in the case of accidents or other problems affecting service to our customers.

Irrigation Water System
Desert Water Agency purchased a controlling interest in Whitewater Mutual Water Company, an irrigation water supplier in Palm Springs in 2008.

Whitewater Mutual Water Company was formed in the 1920's to bring water from Whitewater Canyon to Palm Springs. WMWC holds water rights to 7,240 acre feet of water a year as established by the Whitewater Decree in 1928.

DWA plans to dissolve the company and incorporate its operations to DWA service.

Sewer Collection
Desert Water Agency operates a sewer collection system which is treated by the City of Palm Springs and Coachella Valley Water District. The sewer system includes 23.21 miles of pipeline with mains ranging from 6 to 18 inches in size. Two lift stations create a 4 million gallon per day capacity.