The Coachella Valley Regional Water Management Group consists of:

City of Coachella/Coachella Water Authority
Coachella Valley Water District
Desert Water Agency
City of Indio/Indio Water Authority
Mission Springs Water District

The group is tasked with the development of an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan for the Coachella Valley.

The CVRWMG intends to develop an IRWMP that is the product of a collaborative, multi-stakeholder process and that addresses the water issues of the Region. Further, the Group expects that developing outreach processes will be a key activity in Plan development.

The five Partners in the CVRWMG each signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in September 2008 that brought the group into existence. The MOU was the result of discussions about IRWM planning that had been ongoing for several years, some as early as 2004.

The Partners began meeting regularly in February 2008 to develop the MOU and that was followed by the development of a submittal to the Region Acceptance Process in April 2009. The Regional Acceptance Plan materials were accomplished through a collaborative, consensus-seeking process using facilitation services. However, preparation of the content and technical work of the RAP was done by agency staff, without consulting services.

In accordance with the terms of the MOU, the development of the IRWMP will be funded by the five Partners, using consensus-seeking processes such as those currently in place. The Partners expect that the governance concepts outlined in the RAP submittal will be the foundation for IRWMP collaboration.

Regional Acceptance

The CVRWMG Management Region submitted the Regional Acceptance Plan to the California Department of Water Resources, which describes the Coachella Valley Water Management Region.

The CVRWMG Management Region is located on the western boundary of the Colorado River Funding Area, in central Riverside County.

The RAP materials  reflect a collaborative effort of all five CVRWMG Partners, with the content having been developed from thorough analysis and agreement by consensus.

Planning documents
Coachella Valley Integrated Regional Water Management Plan
Coachella Valley Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Appendices

What is IRWMP?
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