Groundwater Replenishment

Since 1973, our natural groundwater replenishment has been supplemented with Colorado River water imported through the Colorado River Aqueduct.

The Desert Water Agency, as a participating public agency, is entitled to water originating in Northern California through the State Water Project.

Because there is no direct pipeline from Northern California to the desert, the Agency trades its State Water Project allotment with the Metropolitan Water District's Colorado River allotment, which is accessible to our recharge basins located near Windy Point.

Learn more about groundwater management in this informative  publication. Learn more about the State of the Coachella Valley Groundwater Basin here.

Download 2014/2015 Mission Creek Ground Water Replenishment Report
Download 2014/2015 Whitewater Groundwater Replenishment Report

Mission Creek Individual Pumpers

Whitewater Individual Pumpers