Smart irrigation controllers


Smart Controller Application

Smart controllers customize watering times for irrigation systems based on the climate, temperature and evapotranspiration rate.

The smart controller replaces your existing sprinkler timer.  Like your existing timer, it tells you sprinklers when to come on and for how long, but this device uses its attached weather station to adjust the watering times based on the weather that day.  

Thanks to an agreement between Desert Water Agency and CPV Sentinel, DWA launched an expanded Smart Irrigation Controller Program. 

DWA customers, who are in good standing, can have a new Smart Irrigation Controller installed on their property at no cost to the customer.

To participate in the program, customers will need to fill out this application and submit it to Vicki Petek. Applications may be emailed to or they can be dropped off at 1200 Gene Autry Trail South, or mailed to PO Box 1710 Palm Springs, CA 92263-1710.

Once approved, DWA staff will contact the applicant to set up installation of the device. A condition of approval is agreement to allow DWA and CPV to track water use in order to track results from this program. Results will also be reported to the California Energy Commission.

Device troubleshooting: call 760-591-7383

Hunter Inc. has provided the following instructional videos for controller operations:

Controllers - Programming Multiple Programs part 1 of 4:

Controllers - Programming Multiple Programs part 2 of 4:

Controllers - Programming Multiple Programs part 3 of 4:

Solar Sync - Programming - Part 1 of 2: Controller Setup:

Solar Sync - Programming - Part 2 of 2: Programming the Solar Sync Module:

Canceling Extra Start Times on Hunter Controller: